Pumpkin Flower stuffed with Tofu

Pumpkin Flower stuffed with Tofu

Amazing flower dishes with great combination flavour from tofu and great sweet and sour sauce

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1.     Pumpkin flower stuffed with tofu


·        Tofu 1/2pcs  minced

·        Carrot 20gr minced

·        Onion 5gr minced

·        Vegan fish sauce 1tsp

·        Sugar 1tsp

·        Oyster mushroom sauce 1tsp

·        Five spices 1 pinch

·        Garlic 1pinch

·        Chilli 1 pinch

·        Blanched garlic chive or spring onion 7pcs

·        Pumpkin flower 7pcs


·        Add 1tsp filling into pumpkin flower and tied it with garlic chive

·        Keep doing like that until you finish

·        Places it on batter and deepfrer it until it crispy

·        Serve with Vegan fish sauce dipping (1 fish sauce ,1 sugar ,1 lime sauce,1water , pinch garlic and chilli . mixed well ) 


  • Wheat flour 4 tbsp
  • water 5tbsp
  • tapioca 1tbsp

Method : mixed well together until the flour disolved