Special Vietnamese Fried Rice

Special Vietnamese Fried Rice

nice flavour of chicken , prawn ,crunch vegetables and salty and sweetness of fish sauce

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Fried Rice with Vegetables ,Chicken and Prawn

Ingredients :

  • Steam rice 1 bowl
  • Bok choi /beans 50gr diced cube
  • Carrot 50gr diced cube
  • Onion 20gr diced cube
  • Chicken 50gr minced
  • Prawn 50gr minced
  • Celery 50gr diced cube
  • Spring onion 10gr finely chopped
  • Egg 1pcs beaten well
  • Mushrooms 50gr finely chopped
  • Tofu 50gr diced cube
  • Fish sauce / soysacue 1.5tbsp
  • Oil 1tbsp
  • Garlic 1tsp

Method :

  • Add oil into the wok then saute garlic
  • Add chicken ,prawn . stir for 30 seconds
  •  add onion carrot,celery,tofu and stir well
  • Add 1/2tbsp fish sauce into vegetable and mushrooms
  • In another wok .add oil then saute garlic and beaten egg then stir well
  • Add steam rice into and make it hot and seperatey then add all vegetables stir fry above
  • Seasoning with 1tbsp fish sauce 1tsp sugar

Garnish with spring onion and Black pepper .serve hot