Vietnamese Baguette with pork ball and tomato sauce

Vietnamese Baguette with pork ball and tomato sauce

Amazing salt ,sweet ,sour from tomato with great crispy flavour from pork ball and awesome crispy baguette . well combination

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Vietnamese Baguette with pork ball and tomato sauce 


  • Pork ball 
  • pork minced 250gr 
  • garlic 1tsp 
  • chilli 1tsp 
  • lemongrass 1tsp 
  • ginger 1tsp 
  • Fish sauce 1tbsp 
  • sugar 1tbsp 
  • oyster sauce 1tbsp 
  • five spicy 1 pinch 
  • pepper 1 pinch 
  • eggwhite 1tsp 
  • tapioca flour/corn flour 1tbsp 


  • Mixed well together and stir it in one way until consistency 
  • divide it into small ball 
  • Deepfryer it until golden brown colour and cooked around 2-3 minutes depends the size 

Tomato sauce 

  • Tomato diced 200gr 
  • Fish sauce 1tbsp 
  • sugar 1tbps 
  • oyster sauce 1tbsp 
  • chilli sauce 1tsp 
  • soysauce 1tbsp 
  • water 5tbps 
  • tapioca flour/corn flour 1.5tsp 
  • five spices 1 pinch 
  • pepper 1pinch 
  • garlic 1tsp 
  • ginger 2tsp 
  • lemongrass 2tsp
  • chilli 1tsp 
  • Oil 1tbsp 

method :

  • Saute garlic , chilli , ginger , lemongrass then add tomato and stir it around 1minute. add all the sauce on the pan and bring it to boiling 
  • place the meat ball inside and serve for baguette ,rice or noodle 

How to serve for baguette 

open the baguette then add meat ball and some tomato sauce then add pickle , cucumber and mints .serve hot 

how to make pickle :  julienne carrot ,papaya 100gr add 1tbsp sugar ,1tbsp lime/kumquats , pinch of salt . mixed well and serve after 2 minutes